Morning shots of youngster Vincent Colliard, 09th of August, 08.00 am. The weather kept being perfect most of the days. "Another great day today ! I don't think I have ever seen such good conditions" admits Vincent.

"Every hour and a half, we have a 10-15 minutes break. Just the time to sit on our sled, eat few snacks with a drink and spot our position on the map. Today, the weather is so good that we can clearly make the connection between the maps and what we have around us " tells Vincent Colliard. "Also for navigation purpose, it is good to use the Alpina 4 with GMT and compass. Because the sun shines on the way and all around us as it doesn't set at this time of the year, I could have used the sun for main bearing navigation. It's good that I had the GMT so I immediately know the bearings in relation to the points of the compass" ads Vincent.

"It was minus 8 degrees last night and the whole day we had a hard surface with very good glide. Sun from a blue sky and sometimes we skied in T-shirts, no wind at all. We did 36 km. It is being one of the most beautiful summer ski expeditions I have been on. So much variation with all the mountains and various glaciers coming in from the side. At the same time it's safe. Today again we met some crevasses areas but they were all snowed in and with the hard surface they were easy to cross. Even got some suntan today!" words by Børge Ousland.

"Also today we saw some more ivory gulls and quite a lot of fox tracks zig zagging across the glacier. We are now on a large snowfield called Lomonosov fonna" ads Børge.