Børge and I left Juneau this morning on a boat with captain Eric as we had the plan to be dropped off near by a glacier branch called Sawyer, located in the North of the Stikine ice-field. As we approached the ice-field, the mountains got steeper and the fjord became more narrow. We discovered this wild landscape and suddenly looked at each other. No need to talk. The access to the ice was going to be tough. Around mid-day, we were waving Eric seeing progressively his boat becoming smaller and smaller in between the ice-floes before disappearing. We felt small. The mountains around are steep and the glacier was well alive as we heard the ice calving and falling into the water of this deep fjord. "We'll camp here tonight" said Børge showing a small sandy platform surrounded by rocks. Meanwhile, we decided to carry a part of our gear towards the side of the glacier further up. We needed to find a safe entrance. "We have been too high on the terrain" said Børge. "But we saw a mountain goat" recalled him smiling. Indeed, it was a white beautiful one ! It probably wondered what these two guys were doing on a steep terrain carrying skis and orange plastic sleds on their back. "Whatever" it might have thought. We had to go down and find another line which could bring us near by the ice. We found it and by the end of the afternoon, half of our gear was on the ice Gps marked. Moreover, we could have spotted a flat ice patch no so broken in the middle of the arm which means we could be pulling our sleds by tomorrow, way lighter and faster than carrying the equipment on our back. "That's a nice perspective" I claimed. It is good to make progress and even on half a day. Finally, we went back to our camp further down in the fjord. The sound of the ice and the rivers around us will cradle our sleep until the morning.