It’s all about skill, courage and persistence

Roaring engines, tightened muscles, hands gripped around the steering wheel, pushing the limit to get to the top. After hours of racing, light is fading, the energy is starting to lack but you stay focused, you fight the exhaustion.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans
The world’s oldest active endurance car racing event and takes place in France, on Le Circuit de la Sarthe. Everything started 89 years ago, in 1923. Every year there would be a 24-hour race and every three years a winner would be chosen in function of the results of the past three years. This idea later got abandoned and the race evolved in a few different ways, but the goal was to change the race as little as possible, to keep its originality, which gave this historical race its beautiful reputation.

Technically, this race is probably one of the hardest races nowadays, because of its extremely long racing time and its quick change in from racing track to public roads. The public roads are not as smooth and well kept as the racing tracks because of the traffic all year round, which can give the drivers a hard time. Teams must consist of three members who usually do two-hour shifts, having the time to rest between the shifts. The 24 Hours of Le Mans can in some way be compared to the Olympic games; the race is timeless and is about passion, winning this race is about honor and pride, and not just about money and fame and that is what we like at alpina Geneve.

Racing Sports watches, true to the heritage of alpina, but benefiting from cutting edge precision engineering in their conception, production and testing to ensure that each that leaves our manufacture is perfect in every way. It is not by chance that alpina proudly partnered with Level 5 Motorsports, who races in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. Last year, Level 5 Motorsports managed to get the third place and that success gave the team even more ambition to winning the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Level 5 Motorsports
Level 5 Motorsports’ team for the 24 hours of Le Mans 2012 consists of Scott Tucker, Luis Diaz and Christophe Bouchut, three men with very different background, age and nationality. However, there is one thing that holds those three racers together: the love and the passion for cars and for racing, their infatigability and their ambition to become a winner.

With five major victories in the past two years, team Level 5 Motorsports is doing extremely well. Scott Tucker at their head; nothing seems to stop them. But how did this all begin?

In 2006, Scott Tucker, at the age of 51, started his racing career by setting up Level 5 Motorsports. He started racing in the Ferrari Challenge for the first two years. In 2007, Tucker claimed his first win; he had talent and ambition, even though his age.

Since day one, we have set out to mount a first-class effort toward winning a World Championship
Scott Tucker

This success gave him the courage to expand the team and enter the Rolex Sports Car Series. Over the years the team grew and grew, recruiting new, young drivers, combining experience and passion and always keeping its ambitious spirit.

We’ve surrounded ourselves with the world’s best technical partners, proven crew members and championship drivers. With alpina Geneve we’ve found another great partner that shares our vision for excellence.
Scott Tucker