The FWT is the worldwide circuit of freeride snowboarding and skiing with the best riders in the world competing on the most legendary and challenging alpine faces and the most renowned ski resorts across the world. Freeriding is a sport that has experienced tremendous growth during the last few years and is supported by a “pyramid” of development programs. Under the leadership of the Freeride World Tour, the Freeride World Qualifier and the Freeride Junior Tour are designed to support grassroots growth in the sport. In addition, the FWT Club is implemented in cooperation with ski schools throughout Europe. The world qualification circuit is designed to develop the talent and skills of up-and-coming athletes. Riders accumulate points via 60 events held around the world (including forty in Europe). The score system is based on the star ranking of the qualifying events (1-4 stars) and the event region: region 1 (Europe, Asia, and Oceania) and region 2 (USA, Canada, Chile and Argentina).


Founded in 1924, the French Federation of Ski is a state approved Law 1901 association. The French Ski Federation’s main mission is to promote and develop ski and snowboard activities in France. The French Ski Federation manages on its national territory both Olympic disciplines: Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding and non-Olympic disciplines: speed skiing, grass skiing and telemark. The French Ski Federation numbers about 100 000 members (60 000 leisure members and 40000 competitors/management members) divided into 900 ski clubs. The French Ski Federation ‘clubs are user-friendly places which should enable each member to find the best conditions to practice its favorite discipline or to discover new activities. one to read local and home time. Alpina is really proud to be the Official Watch of the FFS. / FederationFrancaiseDeSki / @FedFranceSki / fedfranceski
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Located on the western slope of the Aravis mountain range not far from the Mont-Blanc, Annecy Lake and Switzerland, Ecole du Ski Français of le Grand- Bornand has opened a section of its slalom stadium to the public. The opportunity for all skiers to follow the tracks of the local ski champions. Download the app and challenge yourself with the Alpina Watches ESF Experience. You will be able to record your racing time and compare it to other skiers with the time reference set by the champions. A dream playground with a permanent free access timed by Alpina Watches. / esfgrandbornand


Swiss watchmaker Alpina Watches is thrilled to partner with alpine resort city Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, a legendary hotspot for mountain lovers across the globe.
Alpina Watches CEO Peter Stas says, “I am extremely honored to be partnering with Chamonix. Since 1883, Alpina has been designing and manufacturing luxury sport watches that operate with outstanding precision and purpose under the most demanding athletic conditions. This partnership gives our timepieces the ultimate playing field to really show what they can do.” In addition of being proudly the official watch of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Alpina will be the official partner of the Music Festival “Musilac Mont-Blanc” and of the Mont-Blanc Marathon.

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Alpina, as original Swiss sports watch is proud to announce its support and commitment to the mission of the American National Park Foundation (NPF), the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. Alpina has entered into a three-year partnership with the National Park Foundation in support of America’s national parks. In accordance with Alpina Watches’ commitment to outdoor adventure, a portion of Alpina’s commitment will support NPF’s efforts to protect and enhance America’s rivers and trails in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Trails and National Wild & Scenic Rivers systems. / nationalpark / @GoParks / goparks /



The Swiss Surfing Association (SSA), founded in 1992, represents the sport of surfing in Switzerland on a national and international level, and includes the disciplines of Longboard, Shortboard, Bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle Board and traditional water and board sports. Recognized by the International Surfing Association (the world's surfing governing authority) and the European Surfing Federation, it is also part of the Swiss Olympics since 2018.

Swiss surfing champions (women and men), and some of the best Swiss surfers, form the Swiss Surfing Team, which represents Switzerland at international surfing competitions such as the ISA World Surfing Games - bringing together the world's elite surfers - the ISA World Junior Surfing Games. It participates in the Eurosurf, the biggest European surfing competition. The Swiss Surfing Team also organizes annual national competitions such as the Swiss Surfing Championships and the Swiss Wavepool Championships, as well as other events for river and wakesurfing.   @swisssurfing   Vimeo_Swisssurfing  SSA Swiss Surfing Association

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