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  1. General remarks

Alpina Watch International S.A. a swiss company based in Geneva with VAT number CHE-103.396.605. (hereinafter “ALPINA”), creates, manufactures and markets watches in the world which can be purchased online at (hereinafter the “Website”).

Through the Website, ALPINA is offering watches and connected watches (hereinafter the “Product”) to the buyers (hereinafter the “Customer”).

These terms and conditions (hereinafter the “TC”) apply to all users of the Website.

The TC apply to all individuals, persons or companies using (including registration, submitting comment, entering a competition) the Website (hereinafter the «User») and making an order (hereinafter the « Order ») for themselves or anyone else according to the conditions stipulated in the TC.

Please note that these terms and conditions may be amended or updated at any time and without notice. If the User have any queries concerning our conditions of service, he should contact the customer service team.

The Website may contain links to third party websites that are not owned or controlled by ALPINA. ALPINA have no control over, and assume no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party websites. In addition, ALPINA will not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third-party site. By using the Website, the User expressly relieve ALPINA from any and all liability arising from the use of any third-party website.

All information contained in the Website can be modify at any time and without notice.


  1. Conclusion of the sales agreement and payment

            2.1 Identification with an account registration

Registration is required to order/purchase Products and enjoy certain services or features made available to the User through the Website. When the User register, (s)he must provide his/her own details such as his/her username or email address and password (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Data 1”).

The User/Customer guarantees the veracity and accuracy of his/her Personal Data 1. If the User’s Personal Data 1 change after the registration, he/she must inform ALPINA immediately using the contact form found on the “contact” page of the Website. The password created by the User for his account must be unique and stored safely. The User must inform ALPINA if the security of his/her account is compromised or of any unauthorized use.

The User/Customer shall ensure that his/her Personal Data 1, which are strictly personal to him/her, are kept secret and safe at all times. (S)he therefore undertakes never to communicate them to third parties.

Under no circumstances may ALPINA be held liable for any fraudulent use, loss or theft of the Customer’s account (including his/her Personal Data 1) resulting from its access to by a third party. In all of the aforementioned situations, the Customer undertakes to notify ALPINA in writing immediately.

Details which are recorded by the Website shall constitute evidence of all transactions between ALPINA and the Customer. In the event of a dispute between ALPINA and the Customer over a transaction which has been made on the Website, the details recorded by ALPINA shall be regarded as valid and conclusive evidence of the content of the transaction.

The User/Customer can deactivate his/her account at any time by sending a request to this effect by email to customer services. After his/her account has been deactivated, the Customer shall be free to create a new account at any point in time.


2.2 Eligibility

To order and purchase the Product(s) from the Website, the Customer must be over 18 years of age and have a valid debit or credit card. In placing an Order, the Customer warrants that all details she/he provides are true and accurate, that she/he are the authorized user of the credit or debit card used to place the Order and that sufficient funds are available to complete the Order. ALPINA reserves the right to refuse any Order.


            2.3 Order process

The Customer can place an Order by adding a Product(s) in his/her shopping cart on the Website and by following the “Check out” procedure which will lead to the payment process.

The Customer, who wants to place an Order, has to provide to ALPINA his/her billing details, such as his/her first name, last name, or company name, address and email address (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Data 2”).

The Customer guarantees the veracity and accuracy of his/her Personal Data 2, undertakes to update them and to inform ALPINA by email of any change there to.

In order to pay the Product(s), the Customer shall be invited to confirm his/her acceptance of the TC, which govern access to and use of the Website.

The TC are those in force on the date of his/her Order every time the Customer orders and purchases a Product on the Website. The TC can be accessed by the Customer before ordering and purchasing a Product(s) and when (s)he is asked to confirm his/her acceptance of the TC on the Website.

By ticking the box provided, the Customer acknowledges that (s)he has read, understood and accepted without reservation the TC of the Website.

By following the here above process, the Customer places an Order.


            2.4 Acknowledgement of receipt of Orders by ALPINA

Once the Customer has placed his/her Order on the Website and payed the price of the Order, (s)he shall receive from ALPINA an acknowledgement of receipt of the Order by email, which shall state the details of his/her Order. The acknowledgement of receipt of the Order, which shall serve as an invoice, shall include a reference number assigned by ALPINA, which the Customer shall be asked to store in a safe place (hereinafter the “Reference Number”). This Reference Number shall be useful for any subsequent requests or searches for information concerning the Customer’s Order. This acknowledgement of receipt of the Order by ALPINA shall not constitute an acceptance of the Order.


2.5 Confirmation of Orders by ALPINA

If ALPINA accepts the Customer’s Order, ALPINA shall confirm the Order by email and shall stipulate the total amount of the Order, the quantity of Products ordered and details of the delivery costs and delivery time to the address communicated by the Customer. In this respect, ALPINA shall take into account additional information provided by the Customer in the “Order notes” tab in the billing section.

After ALPINA have sent to the Customer the confirmation of the Order, and once ALPINA shall have received the Customer’s payment for the Product(s), ALPINA shall carry out the usual security and anti-fraud checks and shall then process the Order.

ALPINA reserves the right to reject or cancel an Order from a Customer with whom ALPINA is in dispute with regard to a previous order, or if ALPINA reasonably believes that the Customer has breached the TC or has been involved in fraudulent activity, or for any other legitimate reason.


2.6 Availability of Products

The Products and prices for the Products offered by ALPINA shall be those which appear on the Website, subject to stock availability.

If one or more Product(s) is/are unavailable after an Order has been placed, the Customer shall be informed of this by customer services by email as soon as possible. Should this occur, the Customer will be invited either to order another Product proposed on the Website as a substitute, or to cancel his/her Order. ALPINA shall not be liable if Products ordered are unavailable.

In case the Customer refuses to order another Product(s) or cancel his/her Order, ALPINA will refund to the Customer the price of the Order.

ALPINA reserves the right to modify at any time the Products and prices on the Website without notice.

The purchase of such an item from an unauthorised third party is therefore at the buyer’s risk, in particular, as regards counterfeit or inferior-quality products and as regards products purchased on the Internet. No express or implied warranty, service or other obligation applies to Alpina or any of its authorised representatives for products sold by unauthorised third parties and which are not accompanied by a duly stamped Alpina international warranty certificate. 

2.7 Inappropriate use of Products

ALPINA shall not be held liable for damage caused by any inappropriate use of its Products.

It is made clear that ALPINA poster campaigns and promotions (by their nature intended to showcase the attractive and innovative nature of ALPINA Products, and which may sometimes depict ALPINA Products in unusual situations or usage) are not to be considered representative of the normal use of the Products which could be claimed as such by the end user.


            2.8 Prices

All prices for Product(s) on the Website are in Swiss Francs (CHF). The prices displayed in other currencies are converted from their base prices in Swiss Francs (CHF), which does mean that prices displayed in foreign currencies may vary.

The exchange rate with Customer’s local currency at check-out will be determined by the Customer credit card company or bank, according to their general terms & conditions.

For purchases to be delivered in Switzerland, prices include DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). Products are delivered VAT included.

For other countries, prices include DAP (Delivered At Place). Products are delivered to their agreed destination, but customs duties and VAT are excluded of the price paid online by the Customer.

ALPINA reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Nevertheless, the price displayed on the Website on the day of the Order will always be the only one applicable.

From time to time ALPINA may offer discount codes to the Customers; such codes are governed by the terms and conditions explicitly applied to.


            2.9 Secure payment

Payment can be made by any credit card listed during the ordering process as explained in article 2.2. Full Payment must be made before the delivery of any Products can occur.

All credit card holders will be subject to a validation check carried out by the issuer of the card, who must also authorize the holder to use the card. The Personal Data 2 required for this check may be exchanged with third parties. ALPINA cannot be held responsible for any delays or the non-delivery of the Order if the issuer of the card does not authorize the payment.

Upon receiving the Customer Order ALPINA will conduct standard pre-authorization checks on the Customer payment card to ensure that enough funds are available to fulfil the transaction. The Customer card will be debited once the Order has been confirmed.


            2.10 Period of delivery

The period of delivery may vary and is subject to availability of stock. ALPINA will not be held responsible for services supplied by third parties or delays within the postal network.  The Products value and shipping costs will not be refunded for packages refused by customs/shipping company as a result of the non-payment of VAT/duties.




            2.11 Transfer of risks and transfer of ownership

The transfer of risks (including risk of loss, theft or damage) passes from ALPINA to the Customer when the Product, its original case and the warranty card are delivered to the Customer.

The transfer of ownership of the Product, its original case and the warranty card from ALPINA to the Customer shall only take place, and therefore come into effect, once the Product is fully paid and once the amount of the purchase of the Product is credited on ALPINA’s bank account.

If the Product, its original case and the warranty card have been delivered and if the payment for that Product shall not have been received or is cancelled while being processed, the Customer must immediately return the Product, its original case and the warranty card to Alpina Watch International SA, Route de la Galaise 8, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneve, Switzerland, as soon as (s)he is required to do so by ALPINA.

In case of the return of the Product, its original case and the warranty card by the Customer, the transfer of risks (including risk of loss, theft or damage) passes from the Customer to ALPINA when the Product, its original case and the warranty card are handed over to Alpina Watch International SA, Route de la Galaise 8, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneve, Switzerland by the Customer.


  1. Discrepancy between the AlpinerX Order confirmation and the Product delivered

In case the Product(s) delivered to the Customer does not correspond to the one confirmed by ALPINA in the Order confirmation, the Customer shall inform by email directly the customer services and point out the discrepancy(ies).

Once the customer services confirm the discrepancy(ies), the Customer shall immediately, at ALPINA expenses, sent back the Product(s), its (their) original case and the warranty card to ALPINA at Alpina Watch International SA, Route de la Galaise 8, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneve.

Upon receipt of the concerned Product(s), its original case and the warranty card, ALPINA shall sent to the Customer the Product(s), with its (their) original case and the warranty card(s) corresponding to the Order confirmation depending on the availability of the stock.

If the Product(s) corresponding to the Order confirmation are not available, the article 2.6 of the TC hereabove shall apply.


  1. Guarantee against defects

ALPINA scrupulously ensures that each Product is in strict keeping with its quality criteria and that they pass all technical and esthetic checks.

The warranty period for the Products is 2 years since the date of delivery.

The Product(s) is considered to be defective if it is damaged upon receipt or if a manufacturing fault is reported in accordance with and within the warranty period.

If the Product is defective upon receipt or the Customer discovers a fault within the guarantee period of 2 years from the date of delivery, The Customer will have the option to return the Product for repair.

Any requests under guarantee or for repair, even in cases requiring replacement, will not lead to the extension of the warranty period.

The Product(s) damaged through normal wear and tear will not be deemed.

Returns under warranty can only be made after agreement with ALPINA aftersales service.

In case of accepted return of the Product(s) by ALPINA, the Customer shall sent back the Product(s), its (their) original case and the warranty card(s) to Alpina Watch International SA, Route de la Galaise 8, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneve, Switzerland.

The shipping costs to ALPINA are to be paid by the Customer. ALPINA takes in charge the costs of the return to the Customer after repair.

The guarantee against defects is not applicable in the following cases:

  1. damage due to normal wear and tear and aging of the Product;
  2. damage due to non-compliant assembly;
  3. damage resulting from maintenance, repairs or disassembly not performed by an after-sales service center approved by ALPINA;
  4. damage due to non-compliant use of the Product, poor treatment, misuse, negligence, recklessness, deterioration caused by the use of Products in improper conditions such as violent physical - shock, crushing, violent handling of the clasp…;
  5. damage due to moisture which could have entered the Product following a handling error (for example, the crown not being correctly in place);
  6. any Product with signs of impact or shock on the glass or the body);
  7. the proof of purchase of the Product(s) (receipt, proof of transfer…) or the warranty card is missing;
  8. the serial number engraved on the Product’s case is illegible or has been falsified;
  9. the warranty does not cover straps, glass of the Product.

ALPINA warranty will be limited only to defects on the Product that appear following what is considered normal and habitual use of the Products (cf. article 2.7 for what is notably considered as an inappropriate use of the Products).

ALPINA reserves the right to not follow up on the Customer request for legitimate reasons, upon analyzing the information in the request for the return of a defective Product (warranty period expired, defect not covered by the warranty, inappropriate use of the Product…).

Within the scope of the applicable warranty, ALPINA offers to repair or replace defective Products insofar as possible. If the Product cannot be replaced or repaired, and if the same Product is no longer available, a replacement with another Product might be proposed.

All returned Product must be accompanied with the original case, the warranty card and by the complete details of the Order (notably the Reference Number) to facilitate their identification and accelerate their processing. Unidentified returns will be sent back to the sender.





  1. Privacy and Security

            5.1 General Privacy and Security policy

Regardless of the nature of the Personal Data 1 and 2 of the User/Customer which the latter has communicated to ALPINA, either in accordance with the TC or during automated collection, ALPINA undertakes to make every effort to process the Personal Data 1 and 2 of the Customer in the strictest confidentiality, to protect them and to use them strictly and exclusively for the purpose of meeting Customer requests or improving services which may be offered to the Customer on the Website.

The User/Customer can, however, exercise his/her right to access, rectify or oppose his/her Personal Data 1 and 2 at any time through his/her Customer account or by sending an email to customer services. All requests relating to User/Customer Personal Data (1 & 2) as well as any request to cancel a registration for services offered by ALPINA should be e-mailed to or sent to Alpina Watch International SA, Route de la Galaise 8, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Genève, Switzerland.

Except in the following cases, and unless otherwise explicitly mentioned on the Website, ALPINA does not collect User/Customer personal information when they visit the Website, submit feedback or questions, enter a contest or expressly agree to it.

When the User/Customer submit feedback or questions via e-mail, or contact ALPINA for information about the Website, ALPINA will request their name and e-mail address. ALPINA needs this information to respond to inquiries and may use it for marketing purposes. When the User/Customer enters a contest or other promotional feature, ALPINA may ask for his/her name, address and e-mail address in order to administer the contest and notify the winner. ALPINA may also use such information for marketing purposes.

ALPINA commits not to share, rent or give any Personal Data (1 & 2) to any third party, excluded to other companies belonging to Frédérique Constant Company (Frédérique Constant, Ateliers de Monaco) (hereinafter the “Affiliates”), without the User/Customer written permission, except as provided by applicable law.

Any further information, materials, suggestions, ideas or comments sent to will not be treated as confidential, proprietary or trade secret information and, by submitting such information, the Users/Customers are granting ALPINA an irrevocable and unrestricted license to use, modify, reproduce, transmit, display and distribute such information of any purpose whatsoever. Unless otherwise required by law, ALPINA will not use Users/Customers name in connection with any information, materials, suggestions, ideas or comments without Users/Customers prior written consent.

If the User/Customer gives ALPINA other personal information − such as first and last name, e-mail address, postal address (street, city, country), position within your company, phone number, gender and age range − in order to receive information in return from ALPINA or authorized dealers – for instance catalogues or general information regarding ALPINA – these information will be collected in a database for marketing purposes. These information enables ALPINA to fulfill the User/Customer information request.

If the User/Customer review or download information, ALPINA tracks the visit. This information are helpful, amongst other things, to provide the User/Customer with tailored information and to give ALPINA information about which part of the Website is frequented. The stored information will only be used to improve the utility of the Website, e.g. to help with quick logins on the User’s/Customer’s favorite sites and to differentiate between Users/Customers and their individual data sets

ALPINA does not sell or provide the information collected or stored to third parties who are not contractors, acting on ALPINA’s behalf (as necessary to carry out their mission). These third parties are bound by strict contractual obligations that have been designed to protect and maintain the confidentiality of Users/Customers personal information that they are not authorized to use for any purpose other that the ones specified by the present TC. ALPINA may share with ALPINA Affiliates the User/Customer personal information collected on the Website to use these information as part of marketing operations in relation to ALPINA activities to offer information about the Products, points of sales or boutiques openings and events.


5.2 Data Collection

As the User/Customer navigates through the Website, certain information may be passively collected (that is, gathered without actively providing the information). ALPINA may collect information about the User/Customer computer and internet connection, including IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and to report aggregate information to the advertisers. This is statistical data about the Users’/Customers’ equipment, browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual.


5.3 User Generated Content

Users/Customers may submit images, comments and reviews (hereinafter the “User-generated Content”) for publication on the Website. The User-generated Content is subject to the following terms and conditions:

By submitting User-generated Content to the Website the User/Customer automatically grants ALPINA on  the User-generated Content the royalty-free, perpetual and exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, publish and create derivative works from such material worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. The User/Customer also acknowledges that ALPINA is not obliged to publish any material submitted and may remove any previously submitted materials from the Website at any time.

The Users/Customers are solely responsible for their own User-generated Content and the consequences of posting or publishing such User-generated Content. When submitting User-generated Content to the Website, the Users/Customers affirm that they own or hold the necessary licenses, rights and consents on the User-generated Content submitted.

In submitting User-generated Content, the Users/Customers agree that they will not: submit copyrighted materials for which they do not have consent; publish defamatory, obscene or libelous content, or subject matter likely to cause offence; impersonate another person; publish malicious content likely to damage ALPINA or a third party.

ALPINA does not endorse any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed within User-generated Content, and expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with the User-generated Content published on or through the Website. ALPINA does not permit copyright infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on the Website and will remove all User-generated Content if properly notified that such content infringes a third-party intellectual property rights.

ALPINA reserves the right to remove or edit any User-generated Content that it deems in breach of the above TC, and/or to delete any user registered account related to such content.

In case, the User-generated Content damages the image of ALPINA and its Affiliates, ALPINA expressly reserves its rights against the concerned User.


  1. Prohibitions

The User/Customer must not interfere with the smooth running and operation of the Website. The User/Customer will not commit or encourage a criminal offence; transmit or distribute harmful or malicious software; attempt to interfere with or cause disruption to the technical platform on which the Website is hosted or the service offered by this website; send unsolicited promotional material or ‘spam’ to email addresses contained within the Website.

Breaching this provision would constitute a criminal offence.  ALPINA will report any breach to the relevant legal authorities and will disclose all relevant information which could be used to ascertain the User/Customer identity.


  1. Disclaimer

The User/Customer agree that the use of the Website shall be at their sole risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, ALPINA, its officers, directors, employees, subsidiary companies and agents disclaim all warranties, express or implied, in connection with the Website and the use thereof.

ALPINA makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of the Website content or the content of any sites linked to the Website and assumes no liability or responsibility for any (i) errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies of content, (ii) personal injury or property damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the User’s/Customer’s access to and use of the Website, (iii) any unauthorized access to or use of ALPINA secure servers and/or any and all personal information and/or financial information stored therein, (iv) any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the Website, (iv) any bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or the like which may be transmitted to or through the Website by any third party, and/or (v) any errors or omissions in any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the Website.


  1. Limitation of liability

The material displayed on the Website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. Unless expressly stated to the contrary to the fullest extent permitted by law, ALPINA ,its suppliers and content providers hereby expressly exclude all conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute, common law or the law of equity and shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including but without limitation to any direct, indirect, special, consequential, or damages for loss of use, profits, data or other intangibles, damage to goodwill or reputation, or the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services, arising out of or related to the use, inability to use, performance or failures of this Website or linked sites and any materials posted thereon, irrespective of whether such damages were foreseeable or arise in contract, tort, equity, restitution, by statute, at common law or otherwise.

  1. Indemnity

The User/Customers agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ALPINA, officers, directors, employees, agents and subsidiary companies, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to legal fees) arising from: (i) the use of and access to the Website; (ii) violation of any term of these TC; (iii) violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, property, or privacy right; or (iv) any claim that one of User-generated Content caused damage to a third party. This defense and indemnification obligation will survive these TC and the use of the Website.


  1. Compliance

The User/Customers agree to comply with the above stated TC. Should the User/Customers break these TC or incur liabilities as a consequence of using the Website, the User/Customer will be held responsible for the costs and expenses that ALPINA incurs as a result of such breach including legal fees (if applicable). The User/Customers will remain liable if someone else uses your account or personal information unless the User/Customers can prove such use was fraudulent.


  1. Governing law & jurisdiction

These TC are to be construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland and in the event of any dispute or claim associated with these terms and conditions, that dispute or claim shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Swiss courts in Geneva.


  1. Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or device you use to access the Website or mobile applications. Cookies store information about your visit on the Website and allow us to provide you with a tailored experience on each visit.

ALPINA uses cookies to improve the use of their services and to enhance the User/Customer browsing experience. Yet, the User/Customer may decide to configure his web browser to refuse cookies. ALPINA does not use cookies to collect personal information such as the User/Customer name.


What type of cookies do the Website use?

The following types of cookies may be stored on the User/Customer device when you access the Website.

Internal cookies

Internal cookies are created directly and can only be read by ALPINA. They can last the time of the User/Customer visit (session cookies) or be retained across visits (persistent cookies). For example, ALPINA uses first party cookies to save the User/Customer language or country preference for subsequent visits to the Website.

External cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies generated by third parties ALPINA uses for services embedded on the Website. They may be used for example to measure audience and improve the relevance of the content.


Your rights


On your first visit on The Website, ALPINA informs the User/Customer that cookies are stored on their browser.

If the User/Customers refuse permission for cookies to be stored or if those that are already stored are deleted, the User/Customer will no longer be able to use certain features of the Website. Also, ALPINA and its service providers will be unable to identify the browser for technical compatibility purposes, to set the User/Customer language and display. ALPINA cannot be held liable for the consequences of the online services functioning less efficiently because ALPINA services are unable to store or read cookies required for it to operate where the User/Customer have rejected or deleted them.


Managing cookies

There are several ways to manage cookies. Most internet browsers are initially set up to automatically accept cookies. The User/Customer can change the settings of his/her browser to block cookies systematically or based on their origin or to alert the User/Customer when cookies are being saved. The procedure for managing cookies is slightly different for each web browser. The User/Customer can check the steps for managing cookies in his browser’s help menu.

The following tables describes the cookies used on the Website. The list may not be exhaustive.


Internal cookies:

Cookie name                                                    Description

aelia_customer_country                                   Store visitor country preference.

aelia_cs_selected_currency                              Store visitor currency preference.


External cookies:


Company               Cookie name                        Description

Microsoft              MUID                                   Targeting / Advertising across Microsoft sites

Doubleclick Ad      test_cookie                         Tracking cookie to serve adverts on websites

Facebook              fr                                         Facebook tracking cookie

Google                  nid                                       Used by Google to save user preferences


Company                        Cookie name                                        Description


Google _                       ga, _gid_gaexp,_gat_UA,_dc_gtm_UA   Used by Google Analytics to monitor site usage.

Photoslurp,Cloudflare  _cfduid                                                 Used to apply security settings on per-

client basis

Youtube                      SID, SSID,APISID, SAPISID                      Used by Google when Youtube video

is present on website

Hotjar                          _hjDonePorrs                                       Tracking cookie when voting poll is



Legal Notice

ALPINA reserves the right to make any changes and updates to this policy. Please refer to this page from time to time to review this and new additional information.