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Your Alpina watch is guaranteed for a period of two years starting on the purchase date, covering all manufacturing defects during regular use as stated in following terms: Alpina Watch International S.A. will replace free of charge any defective component due to a manufacturing error, duly noted by our technical services. Your watch is under warranty for a period of two years from the date on the Warranty Certificate, signed and stamped by an authorized Alpina Retailer.

The Alpina International Warranty covers a Alpina wristwatch purchased anywhere in the world from an authorized Alpina Retailer and will be honored by every authorized Alpina Retailer.

This warranty is valid only for wristwatches accompanied by the guarantee certificate duly signed, dated and stamped by the authorized Alpina Retailer. Both the reference and the individual registration numbers of the Alpina watch must be written on the certificate.

Any servicing or repair work to your Alpina watch must be carried out by a Alpina approved service and repair center only or the International Warranty is no longer valid.

The International Warranty does not cover theft, loss or acts of God, or the consequences of natural disasters, damage resulting from accidents (shocks, knocks, dents, crushing, etc.), alteration or opening by other than the authorized Alpina Retailer, damage resulting from mistreatment or improper use, damage resulting from any tampering with the watch by any party whatsoever than a service center duly authorized by Alpina, as well as the consequences of normal wear and ageing of the watch.

The International Warranty does not in any way cancel, restrict or otherwise affect any legally recognized consumer rights or privileges in the country of purchase of your Alpina watch.



We are often asked to check if a Alpina watch is genuine. Official Alpina retailers attest the genuineness of every Alpina watch and provide expert and dependable after-sales servicing, thanks to their expertise and professional skills, and to specially adapted equipment.

Alpina Watch International S.A. disclaims any relationship to, or responsibility for, any timepiece or other item bearing the Alpina name, brand, logotype or symbol offered for sale by anyone not being an official Alpina retailer.

Purchasing such an item from an unauthorized party is therefore at the buyer’s sole risk, particularly in the case of counterfeit or substandard products and in case of products purchased on the Internet. No explicit or implicit warranty or servicing or any other obligation shall ensue for Alpina or for any of its authorized representatives for products sold by unauthorized parties and not accompanied by a duly stamped Alpina international warranty certificate.

For the above reasons and in your own interest, you are invited to acquire only genuine Alpina timepieces available exclusively from a legitimate Alpina official retailer.