Morning of the 8th of August, Vincent is checking the surroundings. « It looks like a nice highway straight to the South, straight to where we go » recalls Vincent. In front of him is massive Veteran glacier. In less than one hour, both explorers will ski across this leg of ice and establish a camp near by Newton mountain.

Veteran glaciers was a smooth day for the two explorers as they could see the clear mountain range on both sides. Skiing right in the middle was the bearing of their course.

They had the chance to see two colonies of the rare Ivory gull "that obviously breed in the most inhospitable places. Beautiful birds but with an ugly cry though " declares Børge.

It is 4.00 pm. Right after pitching the tent on Veteran glacier, Børge and Vincent leave the camp in order to reach the top of Newton mountain. Few hours later – on the photo – they ski the last meters before the summit at 1713 meters.

From the summit:"Today been great, sunny and calm, after a successful climb to Newton, highest peak on Svalbard. Great view! Mountains and glaciers all around, we could even see Nordaustlandet in the distance." affirms Børge.