It was time to leave the boat this morning with our gear. There were lots of drift ice in the Hinlopen strait, so Børge and Vincent had to hurry up and got dropped by the captain onto the beach at 8.00 this morning. Sail boat SkyDancer needed to quickly get away from the ice of the Hinlopen straight.

Glacier went almost all the way down to the sea here so we only had to carry 100 meters before the two adventurers could pull their sleds.

Ready to go! It' s 9.00 am, Børge is firmly ready to commence crossing the ice of main Spitsbergen – 13th world largest glacier and first journey of the Icelegacy project.

"Route we made based on sat maps was great, no crevasses and very little melt ice. Skied 16,3 km, are now at 700 meters. Weather good most of the day, we could see Nordaustlandet island across the Hinlopen strait." comments Børge Ousland.