"We started about nine as usual, at 600 meters, just under the cloud cover. But also today the sun shone through. We followed the moraine all the way down. It was heavy going across the uneven ice in the melted zone with lots of small streams to cross, but we found good routes" says Vincent.

"Due to the retreat of the glacier we had to walk 3 Km to the beach, two times because of the heavy loads" ads the youngster.

We reached the beach at 19:00, and there was the Skydancer, our sailing boat, waiting for us. We are two days earlier than expected due to very good conditions and probably good planning" completes Børge.

"So we are down by the sea again. Vince and I have had some days to remember! Looking forward to share the photos and videos from this trip" words by Børge Ousland.

As far as we know no one has done this route crossing Spitsbergen and exiting down the Von post, but the satellite photos and waypoints were perfect. No major problems for us with the fantastic weather we had, but for the glacier it is a losing game. The Von Post has retreated several hundred meters in a few decades agreed Børge Ousland & Vincent Colliard. Final day for the two explorers that heads now for Longyearbyen – 5 hours sailing – and complete the first glacier (Main Spitsbergen, 13th largest on earth) of the IceLegacy projet supported by Alpina Watches.