Each year, the Swiss Federation of Professional Mechanics organizes an MCQ contest for the students who are in their last year of training.

Between February and June, students had to login, and answer to different MCQ on the platform of the FSPM.

The ranking was made from all the active users of that defined period and was realized thanks to the statistics of the various profiles.

The ranking was made according to the 4 following criteria :

Number of MCQ completely filled in
The number of questions answered
Best ratio from the number of questions answered / number of right answers.
The connected time spent on the platform

2eme prix

The runner up, Georgé Julien, a polymechanic from the ETML Lausanne won a lovely Alpina Watch.

The 2014 award ceremony took place on Friday 19th of September during the FSPM event, where the prizes were awarded  in the presence of the vice president and the president of the FSPM.

Alpina Watches wanted to support the students in this competition because it is an independant family business that believes in entrepreneurial spirit.

Passion is one of the core values  of Alpina Watches and can be found amongst their collaborators and employees.

It’s seemed obvious for Alpina Watches to support these passionate young students, who in the future could be contributing to the development of the product or the materials used by the brand.