On this beautiful day of skiing straight south towards the mountains ahead, young adventurer Vincent Colliard declares enthusiastically: "What a good feeling to follow the tracks of your hero!" talking about his partner and mentor Børge Ousland. He also remembers that they were partnering for the first time together – back in 2010 - while sailing the first circumnavigation of the Arctic ocean in one season. Today they unite their strength again for the IceLegacy project – crossing the 20 world largest glaciers on skies.

"Another great day in Aasgardfonna, with 29,3 km done. We are at the highest point of the glacier - 1220 meters. Sun came out of clouds and it calmed down to a warm and windless day. We can see mountains on three sides now, it reminds me a little of Antarctica. Incredible that we can have such a beautiful ski adventure in August. We are performing extremely well and having a great time up here. Tomorrow we will head down, between mountains and smaller glaciers so that should be exciting. A few crevasses today but nothing difficult." words from Børge Ousland.