DAY 4 11/05/2015 SAWYER AGAIN.

The possible snow field that we saw yesterday was indeed practicable. We even got to try our skies… until we had to use crampons again and find a way through all this crevasses.

"Huge!!" declared Borge skiing over a big crack. What a battle! When we thought it was over, Sawyer showed us that it wasn't... In crevasses area, walking on skies was much safer than walking with crampons. Skies distributed our weight on different places whereas walking with crampons increased the risk of falling through snow bridges. We also saw some bear tracks in the middle of this complex glacier.

Unbelievable! It was probably grizzly tracks in regard of the size of their footsteps. Another track might have been a black bear though. Finally our hopes became reality when we could have reached a proper snowfield to progress on, even though we had to stay roped all the time. By the end of this long day, we were now on safe ground for the night. Tired. But one question remained, did we have the control of this expedition ? It was day 4 and we had barely made any progression.