DAY 13 20/05/2015 LAST CHANCE.

Woke up at 03 am again. We could definitely feel the tension that morning. We tried to be as much efficient as we could. The sooner down in a safe place is the best. The ice doesn't like the warmth. We needed to cross a mountain face in order to reach a smoother highway that would lead us towards the lower part of Great Glacier.

We sometimes had to crawl in the snow to avoid breaking snow bridges. The lower part was a large plateau of ice that travels all the way to the water of Great Lake.

What a feeling of gratitude when we came down the face! If this option would not have worked, we would have been forced to ski towards the North and attempt the branch exit called Patterson. But on the map, this exit is not located completely to the South of the ice-field. Then, can we call it a full crossing ?