Pauline Ado was not born into a surfing family - but she was born of the generation where anything is possible. At the tender age of 8, Pauline asked her parents for a surfboard. She loved the feeling of being in the ocean and the challenge of taking on its ever-shifting moods.

After a successful junior career where she clinched both the ISA world junior and the ASP world junior title, Pauline’s thirst for victory coupled with a flair for tactical surfing, has seen her pierce the Top Ten of the WCT in her rookie season. In 2011 Pauline set another benchmark by qualifying as the first ever European woman for a second year in the prestigious ASP World Tour. In 2013, she finished ranked 9th in the world for the second time in her career.
She clinched the ISA World title that year in her home soil. A title she had been chasing for several years.
In July 2021, one of her childhood dreams came true when she participated in surfing's very first Olympics in Tokyo.

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