August 31st marked the end of the second challenge in Alpina 4 Summits World Challenge. It was an incredibly exciting finish that saw Stanley Peng of San Jose, California take home the #1 spot after recording 67,620m of elevation gain during the Kilimanjaro Challenge. Wow!
We wanted to learn what drove Stanley to such great lengths and here is what he had to say:

“I have a passion for peak bagging because I just love climbing the summits to see the world and to breath the thin air like a bird. I participated in the challenge because I would love to have a chance to climb Matterhorn, Kilimanjaro, Denali, and perhaps Everest. I started Kilimanjaro Challenge to see where it will take me while training for San Francisco Marathon. Well, things got interesting when I tracked my first AllTrails tracks while topping Mt Tam of Marin Headlands and peaking El Capitan of Yosemite. Both tracks did not complete because my mobile phone ran out of battery. Since then I abandoned my usual morning routine to the gym or open water swimming in lakes. And instead I started hitting trails and hills, running if possible. As a result, my San Francisco Marathon in July was nearly effortless with strong finish. Then in August I finished a challenging 50k ultramarathon in Marin Headlands in under 5 hours, not just setting a new personal record, but also beating out many elite runners by claiming age group 2nd place. AllTrails Challenge worked very well by training me. I have become fitter with a lot more endurance and stamina.I believe discipline and consistency are keys in staying on top of this challenge, along with top competitors such as Rudd Gates and Sylvia Chang pushing me along. Speaking of Sylvia, my wife, who has insatiable appetite for hiking, has put a catalyst in our adventures that is keeping me discovering new routes in AllTrails. In fact, Sylvia did not enter the challenge until August due to business trips and some reluctance. Despite of her busy lifestyle, she climbed to top of challenge leaderboard with perseverance. Her determination to reach the top, like her will to challenge peaks, had propelled me. Seeing everyone’s tracks has been just as adventurous. To me, everyone is a winner every time he or she is out there. I have adopted AllTrails Challenge as my new routine mantra: never stop. See you again soon in Denali and Everest Challenges!”

As 1st Place finisher Stanley received an indispensable tool for his next adventure, the Alpiner 4 Automatic Chronograph from Alpina Watches:

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