Only 14 km left to the coast and we have already arranged pick up. We planned for 10 days and normally it would take that amount of days, it is the good conditions that enable us to do this trip in only 8 days. We never get tired of enjoying the continuous mountaintops that keep popping up both to the left and right as we move forward " announced Børge. Here Vincent is enjoying the glide with the background bow.

Polar legend Børge Ousland and young adventurer Vincent Colliard are having a break, it is 10th of August and they need to find a good place to set their camp up away from the melted zone as they now descending towards Tempelfjord. "Next break, we'll have some Cognac in the tent that I brought from France ☺ " ads Vincent

"Also today we had good weather, but more clouds and some very cold icy fog. No problem with navigation, even in fog, if there are crevasses we just ski roped up. Today we did 27 km and stopped a bit early to camp on good snow. This because we have good snow here, at 600 meters, further down we expect weather conditions as we enter the melted zone" completes Børge.