Greenwich Mean Time

By the mid-nineteenth century, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) had been established as the primary reference time zone for the British Empire and for much of the world. GMT is based on the line of longitude running through the Greenwich Observatory located in the suburbs of London.

Over time, time zones became established based on GMT as being x number of hours ahead or behind GMT. Interestingly, the clock began at noon under GMT so noon was represented by zero hours. As more sophisticated timepieces became available, the need for a new timepiece showing world time became apparent. A world time watch lets its wearer see the time in all of the 24 zones around the world.

Alpina Worldtimer Manufacture
alpina's Worldtimer features a rotating ring with the names of 24 cities inscribed on it. A second rotating ring has 24-hour markers. This is used to display time in different time zones. Local time is shown by a standard hour and minute hand. The alpina Worldtimer has a mechanical automatic caliber AL-718 with 26 jewels and has a 48-hour power reserve. The watch is water resistant to 10 ATM. The watch is finished off with a black leather crocodile strap. The front and the back of the watch are covered with sapphire crystal.

The world time system works this way. First, the local city is set at the top by changing the disc via the crown. For example, Genève is set on top. It means that the hour and minutes hands are representing the time in Genève (= Central Europe).

From the outer dial, the wearer can check the times in different time zones. Under the label New York, the number displayed is 5, meaning that it is 5:07 a.m. in New York. Under the name Moscow, you see the number 13, meaning that it is 13:07 hours, or 1:07 p.m., in Moscow. In this way, the alpina Worldtimer shows the time around the world in a glance.

The alpina Worldtimer is part of the alpina Aviation collection, developed in close collaboration with Cessna Aircraft and PrivatAir. alpina Genève, Cessna Aviation and PrivatAir work together closely to promote their equally high quality products and services, through cross-marketing activities in Europe and North America.

The Worldtimer is based on the in-house AL-710 caliber used in the Startimer Manufacture. The new Worldtimer caliber AL-718 ensures easy adjustment of all functions, through a single crown.

Furthermore, the production of the alpina Startimer Worldtimer will be limited at 8’888 pieces and they will be presented in a dedicated, luxurious packaging, alongside a Cessna Citation Mustang scale model in PrivatAir livery.

More about Cessna Aviation

This renowned airplane manufacturing company headquartered in Wichita, Kansas is a subsidiary of the US conglomerate Textron, a $10.5 billion company operating in 25 countries. Since its creation in 1927 Cessna’s strong devotion to high quality workmanship, precision and creativity and its passion for the aircraft industry, have led it to be an industry leader. Cessna is now the leading manufacturer and inspired designer of innovative, light and midsize business jets, utility turboprops and single engine aircraft.

The Cessna Citation Mustang is an entirely new kind of business jet. One that’s designed - and priced - to bring the dream of jet ownership comfortably within reach of a whole new class of upwardly eager operators. Ample cabin-class seating, true jet speed and a good half-continent range. Extraordinarily high levels of performance and assurance are now available in a jet aircraft costing millions less.

More about PrivatAir

PrivatAir is a leading international aviation group with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and operating bases in Zurich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Bahrain. Services include Private Charter for VIPs and executives, Aircraft Sales & Management, Private Airline Services, Ground Services and Training.

The company’s wide range of clients includes celebrities from the arts, sports and entertainment industries, successful business people, royalty and public officials, as well as private aircraft owners. PrivatAir aims to take the best practices of the commercial airline industry and to add the flexibility of business aviation, as well as its exceptional standards of service.