In perfect harmony with its alpine sports personality and values, the watch manufacture ALPINA is now offering the public and its customers, nicknamed "Alpinists," the opportunity to experience breathtaking, total immersion trips in exploration situations that are responsible and respectful of nature through unique adventure voyages, the "Alpina Adventures." Conducted and organized by the legendary polar explorer Borge Ousland (the only man to have crossed the North and South Poles alone) and his team of adventurers, the participants can experience the values of the brand in an environment that can be both hostile yet magnificent.
Wearing ice cleats, on skis, by kayak, with a team of huskies, Borge Ousland and his team of adventurers-explorers will lead the "Alpinists" through uncharted terrain that they have traversed for years. To discover breathtaking landscapes, exceptional light, the polar cold, drift ice and team spirit. Plot a journey in the heart of the Norwegian winter, the Arctic ice cap, Greenland, the South Pole or Patagonia. Fully experience the grandeur of nature.

In Borge Ousland's philosophy and approach, there is a true environmental dimension that is also an integral part of ALPINA's DNA and values, a company that is particularly sensitive to ecological issues. This partnership consisting of very restricted journeys organized by the explorer was therefore natural.

Reservations and price:

Reservations are made via www.alpina-adventures.com and "Alpinists" owning an Alpina watch will receive a special price promotion when reserving their adventure directly via this site. The prices for these unique adventures vary between €900 (€810 for "Alpinists") and €42,550 (€39,570 for "Alpinists") according to the destination, program, and duration (from 3 days to 23 days).

About Borge Ousland:

"Borge Ousland is undoubtedly the most experienced living polar explorer," National Geographic Adventure, February 2006 With over 20 years of experience and unprecedented expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic, Norwegian Borge Ousland became the first explorer to complete a solo expedition in the North Pole without provisions. A worthy successor of Nansen and Amundsen, he is also the first to cross the continent of Antarctica alone. Borge is also a renowned photographer and documentary filmmaker who has already received numerous international awards for his films and expeditions.

Team of Guides:

"During my numerous years of exploration around the world and in Norway, I have met many strong, interesting and competent personalities who have a good attitude, whether working to achieve the purpose of the expedition or with respect to their teammates. By progressively participating in more and more trips, I had the opportunity to work as a team with several people who I admire and value as teammates. Together, I truly believe that we are an ambitious group that wants to continue to fight for safety, precision and pleasure. Each of us loves to explore, but what we really want to convey and share is our knowledge of winter life and the beauty of the polar world."

The Guides:

Bengt Rotmo, Thomas Ulrich, Petter Lindén Nyquist, Lars Ebbesen, Vincent Colliard, Sigrid Ekran, Are Johansen.