Børge Ousland is skiing towards this rocky mountain in order to avoid crevasses in the lower valley. With such a nice weather, it is much easier to spot them and choose the safest itinerary. It is always important, before going down into a valley, to check the terrain from above and plan the way in advance.

"Another good day, with perfect weather, no wind and sun most of the day. The mountains here are more astonishing than I expected. Crossed quite a few crevasses, mostly roped up, but nothing we couldn't handle. It's been up and down across mountain passes and down steep slopes as we are moving from one part of the glacier to another. Also crossed a melted river. Think we have the trickiest part of the glacier behind us. We did 15.3 km, quite good considering the terrain." announced by Børge Ousland.

Every evening, it's office work in the tent! Børge connects – via the satellite phone - with families, friends and sponsors in order to send them a report of the day with the distance covered, the highlights, their actual position and the plan for the next day. Sometimes in between the mountains, it is not possible for them to send photos… "We' try tomorrow" says Børge. Usually during this time, youngster Vincent is installing the trip wire around the tent – a system set up with a line, connected to flares, that goes all around the camp in order to be protected from polar bears. When the bear approaches the camp too much, he will normally walk through the trip wire. The line will pull the flares and instantly fire up in the air.